Breakfasts are usualy taken in our dining room, with a view over the Fensch Valley.

We like to cook our homemade jams and often our bread, desserts and cakes. The fresh eggs are coming from the very hens that you can see from your window down in the neighbour's garden and in season we are harvesting the fruits from our organic orchard.

For us to give you better satisfaction, we shall ask you to order it as soon as your reservation if you choose an option with a supplement.

"Continental" option

 Following the seasons, the weather forecast or the mood of the day, this breakfast is always yummy, fresh and healthy.

This is a very French way to start the day ! With baguettes, croissants and so many else more, a fruit or veggie juice, a dairy product, butter, home made jams and fresh fruits, plus a hot coffee or tea.


 "Brunch" option

This is the ideal choice for sportsmen and enthusiastic visitors  out on their routes all day long. Our abroad visitors may feel more at their ease with this formula.

Starting on the same basis than our "Continental", this breakfast is more hearty, with an addition of ham or cheese and some hot plate as omelett, crêpes, potatoes, quiche, etc.


"Nightie-Bitie" option

With this option we are taking care of artists coming from their evening show or long distance travellers just out of the airport at a late hour (till 1 am).

If required we can help them at their arrival with a sort of "evening breakfast" or light "night picnic" :  a cold plate, mixed salads, fruits, bread and tarts, by example...


In the summer, breakfasts can take place on a spacious and quiet terrace down in the garden.

You are welcome to enjoy our tea bar any time, for a hot cup of tea or coffee, or a glass of flavored spring water with a cookie.