1/12  When am I supposed to check-in / check-out ?

Check-in is between 5 PM and 9 PM. If you encounter some difficulties, please let us know as soon as possible. Check-out is till 11 AM.

2/12  Do I have WIFI in my bedroom ?

YES, free WIFI is available in the entire house, on the 1st floor as well as on the 2nd.

3/12  Is a toiletry kit provided ?

You will find in your room a set of bath towels, in the bathroom a hair dryer but you will have to bring your own toilet bag : who better than you knows which ones are your favourite beauty products ?  In the hall though, you could find some slippers at disposal  in case you have forgotten to bring your own.

4/12  Can I use the kitchen ?

NO, sorry the kitchen is a private area. By exception an access to the microwave is allowed for young parents to be able to reheat their baby's food. Food is not allowed in the bedrooms for obvious hygienical reasons. In the evening you will find fresh water, tea or coffee for free in the dining-room. 

5/12  Where can I park my car ?

You can park for free in the street. If there is no parking place available you can stop for a short time just in front of our gate, to take the luggage out of the car by example. Then you have to go down one block to the Music School parking lot where you can park for free, unlimited time at a place you can even see from some of our very windows.

6/12  Is there a safe place for my bike ?

We are glad to be able to offer you room for one or two motorcycles in our garage, built in the house and locked. The same place can accommodate 5 or 6 bicycles.

7/12  Is the place suitable for disabled people ?

There are many staircases at Villa Giselle ( it is part of its charm ! ) both inside the house and outside to the garden  so unfortunately we cannot welcome safely disabled people having difficulties to move.

8/12  Is the place safe for toddlers ?

All children should be always welcomed and we shall do our best for it to happen in the best conditions for everybody.  But it is clear that Villa Giselle has not been specifically built for them. Consequently we are reminding the parents or grandparents that their children are at any time under their own watch and responsibility for doors, windows, staircases and furniture, inside or outside the house.

9/12  What if I have gluten or dairy products allergies ?

We shall do our best to fulfill your diet needs but please let us know about at your booking time.

10/12  What if I am a smoker ?

Sorry the whole Villa Giselle is smoke free. We can arrange for you though an ash tray outside if the weather permits it.

11/12  A notice for our friends of the EU and world wide

We have been asked for us to ask you to fill a police form for the related authorities' possible controls. Please be prepared to it and do it honestly and light minded : these informations will stay strictly confidential.

12/12  Do you accept pets ?

Our friends the well educated cats and little dogs are welcome, after agreement, if their owners are asking for it in the booking form. No need to say that we are expecting them to keep their pets always under control. A small fee (+10%) can be charge extra.